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Advanced clinical testing and cutting edge research for hemostasis and thrombosis.


Our research is clinically focused, ethically appropriate and fiscally responsible.

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Our staff has many years experience in the area of blood coagulation.

Testing for
a Cure

One of our primary programs develops novel cancer treatments and tumor markers.


We’re a source of information for health care professionals, patients and their families.


One of the major research programs at the Florida Hospital Center for Thrombosis Research focuses on the relationship between the coagulation system and the growth and spread of cancer. Our scientists have published many papers in this area since the program at Florida Hospital began in 1994. The goal of this program is to elucidate the complex relationship between the coagulation system and malignant disease with the aim of developing novel cancer treatments and tumor markers.

The Florida Hospital Center for Thrombosis Research also has a research program that is focused on the mechanisms of thrombosis, antibody-mediated platelet activation, and the detection of hypercoagulable states. This program aims to develop new methods for thrombosis risk assessment in patients with cancer, cardiovascular disease and other disorders.

Current Projects

  • The role(s) of tumor cell tissue factor in blood-borne metastasis and primary tumor growth
  • The effects of anticoagulant and anti-platelet drugs on tumor metastasis
  • The role of procoagulant microparticles in cancer-associated thrombosis and other disorders
  • Platelet activation by therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
  • Detection and significance of autoantibodies to platelet CD40L
  • Development and application of thrombin generation assays


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Little-Known Health Facts

  • 50% of all hospital patients are at risk of blood clots
  • 1 in 10 hospital deaths is blood clot related
  • Blood clots are responsible for more deaths than AIDS, breast cancer, and traffic accidents combined

Areas of focus

Cardiovascular Research The central focus of the Cardiovascular Research Program is the study of the blood coagulation system, and the way it is involved with diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. The goal of the program is to develop new diagnostic tests and novel drug therapies. Our ultimate objective is to reduce the number of patients affected by these dreaded illnesses not only in the United States, but globally.

Cancer Research The focus of our Cancer Research Program is to study the relationship of the blood clotting system to the way cancer spreads in the body, with the ultimate goal of developing new approaches to cancer therapy for adults and children. The specific areas our research is currently focusing on include: ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and brain cancer, with the capability of expanding into other areas in the future./p>

Lupus Research Program Patients with Lupus produce a variety of antibodies against their own proteins (so-called auto-antibodies). These individuals suffer from premature atherosclerosis and are at higher risk of developing blood clots. The goal of our research program is to determine how auto-antibodies against clotting proteins increase the risk of thrombosis in this patient group.

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality clinical laboratory testing for the patients and physicians of Florida Hospital and beyond; and to undertake research that is clinically focused, ethically appropriate and fiscally responsible.

Our Expertise

  • The scientists and technologists of the Center for Thrombosis Research have many years experience in the area of blood coagulation. Our Clinical Laboratory can provide esoteric diagnostic testing, core laboratory services and timely evaluations of instrumentation and reagent systems.

Our Projects

  • Our scientists are working on multiple projects in the field of hemostasis and thrombosis. In the area of cancer research, we have broad interests in the relationship of blood coagulation to cancer growth and spread, and understanding why cancer patients are more at risk of thrombosis.